Sinus lift

Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift

Sinus elevation is a surgical procedure where we raise the membrane and place bone graft material so that bone elongation is achieved in order to then allow implant placement in the maxilla.

Under certain circumstances, the lifting of the sinus can be done simultaneously with the implant placement.
In other cases, augmentation of the sinus and implant placement take place in 2 different stages after the bone tissue graft has been assimilated.

Ανύψωση Ιγμορείου


  • Loss of posterior teeth in upper jaw (maxilla)
  • Missing upper posterior teeth from birth
  • Bone loss in the upper posterior area and need for implant placement
Ανύψωση Ιγμορείου

Ανύψωση Ιγμορείου

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