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What Is Gum cosmetic Surgery?

Gum cosmetic surgery refers to the surgical removal of gingival tissue as a therapeutic intervention due to the presence of persistent periodontal disease or for purely aesthetic reasons.

Aesthetic gum surgery

When periodontal disease has reached a critical stage of development and when conservative dental therapies do not have the desired results, gum cosmetic surgery is advised. The removal and reformation of the inflamed tissue is intended in order to definitively eliminate "follicle casings" which have developed between the gums and the teeth. Thus, cleaning the denture as well as the individual dental hygiene becomes easier, while at the same time the damage to the gums, teeth and bones is limited. Often the intervention is performed by a special periodontist or oral surgeon.

Even though the first indication of gum surgery concerns its assistance to the elimination of periodontal disease, the surgery itself is widespread and recognized for the excellent aesthetic effect achieved, so as to the remodeling of the gingival tissue, as well as in cases of gingival hypertrophy and in cases of gum tissue exposure. Gum surgery is a safe, painless surgical procedure that transforms the desire of the reformation of the gums into a reality and creates a more natural and beautiful smile.

Is gum surgery performed with the same method everywhere?

No. Three different methods of surgery are described.

Gum surgery with electrosurgery, the application of chemical agents (chemosurgery) and gum surgery using LASER.

In our dental practice we exclusively perform this surgery using LASER, since this method has been documented to provide the highest accuracy of surgical operations, faster postoperative healing and is the most tolerated method by patients.

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Chalinoplasty, is a small surgical procedure where the flexure is removed, the small tissue that joins the lip with the gums and which prevents the movement of the lip or of the tongue. There is one in the center of the upper lip and one under the tongue.

Removal is done painlessly with the use of laser.

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