Peri implantitis



Perimplantitis infection is the inflammation of the tissue around the implant accompanied by bone loss and needs to be treated immediately as there is a serious risk of loss of the implant.



  • Bacterial infection
  • Mechanical overload
  • Problematic immemorial immobile restorations
  • Deficient oral hygiene
  • Contamination by adjacent natural teeth
  • Smoking
  • Surplus cement (filling material)


  • Mucosal redness around the implant
  • The existence of a fistula and discharge of pus in some cases
  • Bleeding during detection with the periodontal mill
  • Pain in pricking, chewing or grinding of the teeth
  • Bone loss is distinguished radiographically, around the implant
  • Implant mobility at an advanced stage


  • Removal of pathogenic agents that cause the encephalitis through radical abrasion and laser use
  • Administration of antibiotic therapy
  • Directions for proper oral hygiene
  • Use interdental brushes
  • Use of oral solution of chlorhexidine
  • If implantation is not properly applied, immediate replacement is required
  • Possible surgical bone remodeling
  • If this does not improve, surgical removal of the implant is required and, if appropriate, bone restoration of the area and re-implantation

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